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Pronounced "Rover Tee", some of you may better know us formerly as Juliana Bridal. Our story began in 2014 when we were the one stop shop for it all. Once offering bridal gowns, formal wear and tuxedos. We built a lot of amazing relationship throughout the years, from flower girls & ringbearers, prom, homecomings & school dances & up to the wedding day. We met a lot of amazing families & certainly hold those memories close. With a growing family of our own we decided in 2020 it was time to scale back to just one specialty. We decided to close the bridal & formal wear business and Juliana Bridal officially passed the torch to RoverT Tuxedo & here we are now!
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Our Expertise


Our owner, Jessica, has worked with every  client that has walked through our doors for the past 7 years. She comes with years of knowledge and experience in the industry and is always up to date top of the latest styles & trends. Since opening in 2014 she has always had her focus on working closely with our clientele to ensure they look and feel their best. When you shop with us, you're working with a seasoned professional that makes you feel like family & look like a celebrity. Committed to our clients, our owner works one on one with each person from start to finish. 


Our Commitment


We're a family owned small business. We pride ourselves on serving our friends, neighbors, local & surrounding communities with the best service & style combined with affordability for all budgets. Our goal is to offer professionalism with a hometown feel. We have a style for every story!